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MF 02 High Pressure Antispray Tape - instructions

When installing on welded pipes

High Pressure Antispray Tape instruction 1
  • The risk-point should be covered with a double layer of wide sheet of the MF 02 tape (Step A1).
  • Next - the separate pieces of the 35 mm or wider tape should be installed from the central point to the both sides in a spiral motion which will enable to direct the leakage beyond the installed tape. Each separate layer should overlap the preceding one at least by 30% (Step A2 and A3).

When installing on Flanges, Valves and other specially shaped equipment

High Pressure Antispray Tape instruction 2
  • It is advisable to use the MF 02 material available in wide rolls with its width corresponding to the dimension of the protected element (Step B1).
  • When installing the tape on flanges its width should cover the entire surface of the flange and a minimum of 100 mm on both sides of the pipe joint. This is required to ensure enough adhesive surface strength in case when high pressure expands installed material (Step B2).
  • The length of the material should be selected in such a way as to ensure that the areas where the tape is applied are covered by at least two layers of the tape.
  • Next - the separate pieces of the 35 mm or wider tape should be installed at the end of the edge, to keep the sheet of MF 02 firmly on place. Double layer of the tape is advised (Step B3).
  • The valve should be entirely wrapped in the Antispray MF 02 material keeping in mind that two layers of tape should be applied.

Additional instructions

  • Prior to installation it is advised to create an oil path on the surface. This procedure is supposed to make it easier for the leakage to find its way out along the pipe. The installed tape will create a very strong tunnel around the protected area, while the oil path would easily lead the leakage to the intended place.
  • The installed MF 02 cannot have any mechanical damages visible on the surface. If there are any damages noticed on the surface the MF02 material should be replaced with a good one.
  • The MF 02 material can be cut with the use of scissors or a sharp blade.
  • During the installation the liner should be released gradually while making sure that the adhesive layer does not get soiled which could result in it losing some of its adhesive qualities.
  • The MF 02 tape should be installed in accordance to the direction in which a potential leak can occur. The protected area should be long enough for the tape to end in a place where there is no danger of leakage of substances onto a hot surface.
  • To remove the tape it is the best to use pliers or a sharp blade.
  • The tape which has been removed cannot be used again.
  • Do not wrap too tightly. Tape should be loose enough to allow for free oil flow.

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Certificates of the High Pressure Antispray Tape

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